Some of the Issues Important to the 44th


Unemployment in Baltimore is at a four year low, but I know we need to do more. As delegate, I will push for solutions to create more jobs and economic growth, with a special focus on doing so in Baltimore. » MORE

Small Business & Growth

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the 44th District.  They employ nearly 60% of our workforce and they are responsible for creating two-thirds of all new jobs.  But from our restaurants to our corner barbershops to our neighborhood grocery stores, our small businesses are struggling. » MORE

Public Safety

I know we have to keep our streets safe. That’s why I passed tough new laws to fight illegal guns and domestic violence. » MORE


There is nothing that we as citizens can do to ensure a sustainable economic future than focus on bettering our schools. As delegate, I have made educating the children of Baltimore my top priority. » MORE

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